Why Sit When You Can Stand or Bounce?

6th Graders were thrilled to come back to see Mr. J and his new standing desks. Kids can stand or sit on stools while wiggling their feet against the black bar shown above. Mr. J said, “I have seen students more engaged and attentive as a result of being able to stand, having the foot bar to wiggle and fidget with, and sitting on the stools in general. Kids are stoked. They have had a number of appreciations in our class meetings for having the new desks, and they are extremely happy with them. I thought I would hear more complaints without having backs on the stools, but I haven’t heard one yet!” I also found myself staying in Mr. J’s class for a longer period of time because I was so comfortable on the stool using the foot bar. Come by and check them out!img_1488

Ms. Risa also has some awesome seating in room 6! Her 2nd graders stay engaged and focused on these colorful balls.

Benefits of Alternative Seating:

  1. Research shows that exercise and movement strengthens areas of the brain such as the basal ganglia, cerebellum, and corpus callosum and creates neuronal growth, which improves executive and cognitive functions. In other words, exercise and movement grow a stronger brain. 
  2. Standing desks lead to more engaged students. 
  3. Active learning is associated with better grades.
  4. Reduce sedentary behaviors and carry these habits from childhood to adulthood.

With the financial help from the district, Mar Vista is looking forward to continuing to expand alternate seating to more classrooms and the library.


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