Book Review: Mindful Games

This weekend I took my son and daughter to Mar Vista and attempted to work out with some friends. After about 45 minutes of carrying Connor across the field on my back (not the original plan), he had a complete meltdown because I poked his juice with a straw and he wanted to poke it. I had to dig deep and find my calm as he screamed for the rest of our play date and the entirety of the car ride home. Thankfully, I recently read Mindful Games by Susan Kaiser Greenland and, while it is written for parents and educators to support kids, I was able to tap into a few of the exercises myself. The author suggests doing just this- practice first and then introduce practices to our children.

Here is my absolute favorite:

One of my big take-aways from this book is that meditation does not have to be about sitting still, especially when it comes to children. Walking, stretching, and shaking followed by a period of rest or settling releases excess energy and helps quiet the nervous system. Adding a slight emphasis on the out breath also decreases the heart rate.

I am planning to purchase a few copies of this book to grow our school library for parents and teachers. Come by and check out a copy!

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