Seeing As If For The First Time

Last week I had the opportunity to read to students and families at our annual Pages and PJs event. I read two of my favorite picture books and want to share them here:

Imagine A Day, written by Sarah L Thomson and illustrated by Rob Gonsalves, is full of  poetic prose and beautiful acrylic paintings that highly engage the imagination. At Pages and PJs our students initially paused in silence and then spontaneously debated what they saw happening in each painting, as the magic in every day life came alive. I always love seeing something familiar as if for the very first time and this book allows us to do just that!

If. . . by Sarah Perry has been one of my favorites since I was a classroom teacher. The magical watercolors and simple text invite us into a world where anything is possible. Even our youngest students were laughing (and sometimes shrieking and squirming) with joy as I turned each page. One parent emailed me immediately after Pages and PJs asking for the title because her son was so in love with the illustrations that she decided to buy the book for him. It’s one that you will come back to time and time again because it’s fun, strange, and magical.

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