New Beginnings: Be You

At every age and in every role (student, teacher, administrator, parent) I have always looked forward to the beginning of each new school year. There is something so comforting in the routine and simultaneously so exciting in the newness and possibilities. While meeting with our amazing teachers and staff during the SBC Day, we had lots of logistics to discuss and plans to make, but the most important work we did had to do with why we are here: our students!

Students, my hope for you on this first day of school is that you come as you are. I want to meet YOU! I want to get to know YOU! When we know we are already good enough we know that we can make mistakes in what we do because those mistakes don’t affect who we are at our core- this is when real learning can occur! Along with our teachers and staff, I look forward to learning right beside you tomorrow and throughout the school year.

3 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Be You”

  1. I am a kindergartner’ Mom. Thanks for your inspirational article. Just watched again the movie Avatar with my son. The most touching one is “I see you” . After all , We are human Beings, not human doings. Right ?

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