Vacation Musings

As a frequent user of  Kindle and Audible I found myself surprised by my own excitement at seeing the following stats displayed on my Instagram feed:

Maybe my excitement stemmed from our last professional development day when some of us joined the book club session discussing Mandy Ellis’ Lead with Literacy. This book really got us thinking about what it means to build a culture of literacy and the importance of physical books in our students’ hands. Rio’s first annual No-Strings-Attached Book Give Away solidified this importance of books in hands for me as our students (and teachers) were beyond thrilled to select and take home two books each! Reading this also led to the decision that I would read the same book to each and every classroom once per trimester and leave the book with the class. Reading our first book, Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick, was pure joy as I witnessed students making connection after connection with the text.

IMG_6647Or maybe these stats resonated with me because they appeared to me as I was in the process of doing one of my favorite things to do over vacation: Going through my parents’ books, selecting which one I want to read, and getting lost in them! (This winter break it was John Grisham’s Camino Island, Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.)

Or maybe this got me excited because it is a New Year and when I think of setting goals I always set a few around reading: reading for myself, reading to and for Connor and Ella, attending my book club, and generally making space and time for conversations around books with friends, family, and my own children.

Whatever it is, there is no mistaking that having a book in hand can be magical- books are where we go when we have a free moment, they are where Rio is going with Reader’s Workshop, they are what inspire us all!



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