Welcome! My name is Meghan Green and I am the Principal of Rio del Mar Elementary School in Aptos, CA. The purpose of this blog is to provide a platform for allowing others to see our school as we do each day. It will also serve to ground the vision of the school by providing concrete examples of how we are creating 21st-century learners, thereby mirroring the “why” of the Pajaro Valley USD as a whole. I want this blog to be timely, accessible, and fun!

I anticipate that by knowing what the fabric and thread of the school is, this blog will inform all stakeholders who are tuned in and will give people an outlet for understanding our needs and offering to meet them. This creates a reciprocal relationship between the school and the community where there is meaningful contribution that is less piece-meal and more holistic to what is happening in real time and what directly supports Rio’s vision.

The idea to begin writing in this way originated while serving as Academic Coordinator of Mar Vista Elementary and I am so grateful for the inspiration and experience that gave me!